A Christian Recovery Coach

also known as a:

  • Christian Life Coach
  • Christian Recovery Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Christian Accountability Coach
  • Family Recover Coach

A Christian recovery coach, sometimes known as a Christian life coach, spiritual coach, or Christian accountability coach, is a non-clinical support professional, who mentors and motivates you through the addiction recovery process. By helping you determine triggers and removing them from your everyday life, while simultaneously leading you to discover your potential as a child of God, a spiritual coach will promote a healthy and successful recovery.

Christian recovery coaches work with individuals at every stage of recovery. Whether you are part of a recovery program, or have recently graduated one, your Christian recovery coach will provide continuous support and accountability to remove the temptation of addiction. We work with individuals and families who are dealing with substance abuse, codependency, and many other addiction related issues.

Using a proactive, hands-on, recovery approach which includes real life applications of scripture, your Christian life coach will help you reach a comfortable level of abstinence and reduce harm felt due to addictive behaviors. Our customized recovery process offers significant resources for spiritual, mental, and physical support throughout the process. This includes educational tools, family support, support groups, and more.

Whether you choose a traditional 12-step program, such as alcoholics and narcotics anonymous, or a non-traditional program, your Christian recovery coach will cater to your individual needs and support you however they can. Individuals who have used Christian recovery coaches in the past report positive results in the post-recovery and support stage. This is additional help, outside of a therapist, sponsor, or healthcare provider, which touches on your spiritual needs, not just your physical self.

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