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“I can do all this through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Nobody becomes addicted by choice, there’s no time to prepare, no guide book, and certainly no easy way for family and friends to be initiated into the chaos. By the time that most individuals realize there’s a problem, at home, with finances, and socially with family and friends issues with addiction are already beginning and usually out of control. There is an old adage “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, Then You’ll Always Get What You’ve Already Got”.

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Recovery is an ongoing process, but at some point, it’s important to move beyond recovery, and begin to repurpose your life. (2 Corinthians 5:17) As your Christian recovery coach, I will help you to better understand your full potential. I will motivate you, and act as a support as you become more self-aware and self-sufficient. As a Christian recovery coach, my work begins the moment you hire me. As a trained Christian Recovery Coach I implement and utilize the Genesis Recovery Process which consist of 1.) an integration of Biblical precepts for personal change 2.) Relapse Prevention 3.) Cognitive Therapy principles and 4.) the latest Neurochemical research related to human behavior. The Genesis Process recognizes that a person’s behavior is the expression of beliefs, so along with focusing on destructive behaviors, Genesis also concentrates on personal change. Over the past 30 years 70-80% of Genesis counseling graduates throughout the United States have been able to achieve and maintain recovery.

The Genesis Recovery Process is not a self help program, but a program that uses the insight of a trained Genesis counselor (such as myself: James Egidio) that will address the client’s subconscious relapse patterns and help create a personal relapse prevention treatment plan that can truly prevent relapse. There are 4 main requirements in order to succeed with the Genesis Process and they are 1.) That you have abstained from the use of drugs/alcohol for a minimum of 3-6 months 2.) That you are MOTIVATED for “REAL CHANGE” and 3.) You commit to complete all of the 10 Genesis Processes in approximately 20 weeks give or take depending on your personal schedule with work, school family and etc. 4.) To benefit and succeed with the Genesis Process you will need to be willing to be very honest with yourself and others.In each process, you and your Genesis counselor will review an introductory process and you will be held accountable to do worksheets.

People who genuinely do the Genesis Process have found amazing results. Not only have the prevented the pain of future relapses, but they gain new awareness and insight of how they can prevent the pain of future relapses. They learn about the coping skills that will allow them to resist compulsive behaviors that cause relapse. The Genesis Process also works well with other behavior addictions and recovery such as Sex/Pornography Addiction, Compulsive Eating, Gambling Addiction, Co-Dependency Compulsive Spending and Shopping as well as Social Media Addiction and Gaming Addictions.

How Trinity Recovery Coaching Works

The biggest challenges when it comes to recovery

The biggest challenge when it comes to recovery and recovery resources is a.) Accessibility to qualified and experienced experts that have personally gone through some of the same challenges with addiction and recovery as you have and understand what you are going through without judgment and bias and b.) the cost involved for most recovery programs is out of reach therefore discouraging the individual who is challenged with an addiction or is struggling with recovery when it comes to seeking help. At Trinity Recovery Coaching we have taken down the obstacles to get the help you need by making it a simple 3 step process:

  • Step #1: Sign Up for a Recovery Coaching Consultations by registering for an account from your mobile device or laptop by simply clicking the button on the website that reads “Consult With a Recovery Coach Now”

  • Step #2: Fill Out a Short Questionnaire- through our HIPAA compliant server set up your account and make a tax deductible donation for your Recovery Coaching Consults each time you have a session. (Please Note: Your Tax Deductible Donation helps pay the expenses to keep our expert Recovery Coaching Volunteer Services and Website Operating for those struggling with Addictions and Recovery)

  • Step #3: Schedule Your Consultation- Schedule your confidential, private and anonymous one-one-one recovery coaching consultation/session through our scheduling tool in your account and simply wait for the recovery coach to contact you so that you can move from recovery to discovery; once your account is set up you have the option to do or not to do your consults through “Face Time” (video camera on your device) or simply via telephone in order to secure your identity. (Please Note: This is a robust and well organized 20-24 week (depending on your schedule) Online Recovery Coaching Program and we highly recommend a minimum of 3-6 months of “Clean Time” from Drugs/Alcohol in order to succeed in the Genesis Process.

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Benefits Of Trinity Recovery Coaching

  • Online Christian Recovery Coaching from the Privacy of Your Home!

  • Personal One-on-One Online Recovery Coaching Program!

  • Safe, Secure (HIPAA Compliant), Private and Anonymous!

  • Non-Profit Tax Deductible Recovery Coaching Program!

  • Non-Judgmental, Non-Bias Online Christian Recovery Coaching!

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