“Excellent, excellent service, I was going through a rough time making “life” decisions after recovery and James coached me through it, I will continue to keep him as my Recovery Coach!”

Kurt M, Las Vegas, NV

“Awesome Service, will keep James’ phone number handy, he was accessible during my “triggers” and was very encouraging!!”

Patrick C, Las Vegas, NV

“I was very fearful and not very confident with my life during and after recovery and James helped me get through it, love his service and will stick to him!!”

Anthony E, Las Vegas, NV

“Superb service, James is a great listener with an open mind and allows me to do all the talking, will continue to have him Life Coach me!!”

Debbie A, Nashville, TN

“James is awesome, awesome, he treated me as an equal and was not judgmental or biased with his approach to coaching me through Recovery!”

Veronica, E, Palm Coast, Fl

“Awesome, Awesome service, unlike therapist, counselors and sponsors that I have had in the past, James was accessible at critical times when I almost relapsed!!”

Vincent C, Kenilworth, N.J.

“James is a fantastic Recovery Coach, he made me feel comfortable and allowed me to be in control of my recovery unlike my therapist and counselor!!”

Kelly M, Ft Lauderdale, FL

“James is a great recovery coach, will continue to have him as my recovery coach. He needs to charge more for his services- Priceless!!!”

John R, Fort Mohave, AZ

“James absolutely positively moved me from ‘Recovery to Discovery’ in many areas of my life (career, family, health, finances) throughout my recovery, let’s just say he moved me ‘beyond recovery’!!”

Willie N., Las Vegas, NV

“Excellent service, James provided me with accountability throughout my recovery, awesome service, will continue to use!!”

Christopher, J, Las Vegas, NV

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