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God’s Purpose and Plan for Your Recovery


Psalm 143: 3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Imagine having a child and being a witness to suffering that doesn’t cease. Would your instinct be to provide immediate rescue? Well, what if I told you that God is your heavenly Father, you are his child, and he is waiting on you to call upon his name for help? Would you call on him? God’s purpose for your recovery process is connect with you through an intimate relationship because he is the source of the healing that you’re desperate for. His desire is for you to align your [...]

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How Forgiveness Plays a Role in Addiction and Recovery


Going through the motions of addiction recovery is an arduous process. Many emotions are at play, and two of those being guilt and shame. Harboring these emotions ignite self-hatred, resentment, and bitterness. Therefore, to be freed from the shackles of guilt and shame, you cannot sidestep the road to forgiveness. Why is forgiveness an essential aspect of recovery? Forgiveness is the gateway to freedom. It's to release yourself and others from debts that haunt you. It's the ability to extend grace and release grudges. Forgiveness allows you to be free from the grip of hate and anger to cleanse your heart and be [...]

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11 Reasons Why Faith Based Recovery Programs Work


Christ-centered recovery programs work with great success. The question isn’t why but rather how. The answer is quite simple. What lies at the center of a faith-based recovery program and Online Christian Counseling programs is hope. Hope that is grounded in Jesus Christ as the main conduit to redemption and a new life.  1. Trauma, Abuse & Pain. Often times, addiction is fueled by past trauma, abuse, and pain endured. In a faith-based recovery program healing from the past will lead you to identify who you are in God and who you are meant to [...]

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13 Ways to Deal with the Worlds Temptations


There’s a reality in addiction that we cannot ignore— its unavoidable for many people. Take a close look around you; it seems as though people are reaching for any substance or activity that will numb their internal pain. People search for temporary relief to help solve long-term problems. Addiction goes beyond the spectrum of drugs, alcohol, sex, or any form of substance abuse. Addiction is a cry for help.  As you walk on your faith recovery journey in, you must be aware that the mind is the battlefield. It’s where wars begin and end.  With the help of an Online Christian Counselor, [...]

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8 Ways to Pursue God’s Wisdom in Christian Based Recovery


Pursuing God's Wisdom in Christian Based Recovery 2 Timothy 1:7   “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.”   A creation designed in the image of God is who we are. Woven together, delicately formed in the depths of eternity for eternal plans. This is who you are. You were created to display a facet of God that transmits his glory despite your bad decisions and the negative effects of your addiction. You are, a child of God, and this lies at the core [...]

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