My name is James Egidio, I’m the founder of

My name is James Egidio, I’m the founder of, the first and only non-profit recovery coaching website. This cause is very dear to my heart, because of my own story of faith, hope, love, and forgiveness.

To help you better understand my passion for Christian recovery coaching as well as my passion for my faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I’d like to share my story.

Born in July of 1963 in the town of Bellville, New Jersey, I had humble beginnings as one of two children born to lower-middle class parents. My sister, Veronica, would go on to become a successful school teacher for children with special needs, something I am extremely proud of her for. In the summer of 1969, my family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where at age 5 I realized I had an affinity for golf. By age 10, I’d won my first state sanctioned junior golf tournament, and following more success, was playing with a 4 handicap by age 14. Unfortunately, this is when my life would begin to change.

My father and I suffered a rough go of things when he progressively became more and more abusive, both verbally and physically. My love for golf waned, and around the same age, 14, I began to experiment with marijuana and quit golf for good in my junior year of high school.


Following my dismissal of golf, I decided to dive into my academics

Following my dismissal of golf, I decided to dive into my academics, and enrolled in higher level courses, like biology and chemistry. My interest was to enter University as a premed student with a major in Biology. Unfortunately, continued issues with my father and further substance abuse, would keep me from obtaining my goal. My drug addiction became out of control by 1988, when I overdosed on cocaine, and had a brush with the law. This was a turning point in my life, I knew that some changes needed to be made.

The following year (1989) I started a company called Future Science Labs, LLC, a nutritional supplement company which worked primarily via mail order through magazines. During this time, I branched out into specialty nutritional supplement products and worked through wholesale distribution branches; in 1995 I sold the company and went back to college to finish my Biology/Chemistry degree. My end goal was to become a Cardiothoracic physician assistant, but after 2 interviews in a row and various applications in a highly competitive field, I found myself at another crossroad, needing to make a decision about the direction my life was going in.

All my experience as a medical practice administrator and volunteer work through the American Red Cross had prepared me for a position in the field of health and wellness. I decided to launch another company in 1998, this time, a medical house call practice for physicians. This was a venture that I had pursued from 1997 to 2007, as I worked for the next 10 years as a hands-on practice manager. After 2007, I transitioned the medical house call practice into an office based practice and worked with a physician assisting patients who were struggling with opiate addiction (Heroin/Pain Medication). We established an opiate detox clinic where I found myself Recovery/Life Coaching patients who were struggling with drug addiction. It was during this time that I found my true calling as a Christian recovery coach. In 2014, I began the ICF Accredited Life Coaching training program offered through the Institute for Life Coach training.

My path has been a long one, with many ups and downs, trials and successes, but through sheer determination, self-exploration, and a relationship with God and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I became a certified faith based recovery counselor, and a nationally certified progressive recovery coach. In 2002, I forgave my father, who later passed away in 2012, something that made a big difference in the way I lived my life. Currently, I have 28 years of sobriety to celebrate, and fully believe that God has a greater purpose for us all.

Hobbies/Interest/Volunteer Service

When I’m not working as a Christian recovery coach, I volunteer as a Recovery coach

When I’m not working as a Christian recovery coach, I volunteer as a Recovery coach at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. I also enjoy an occasional game of golf, and spending time fishing. My free time is spent with friends and family, or weight training 5 days a week, the way I have been doing so for the past 35 years.

There is power in faith, which is why I use Christian values to support clients in their recovery. By striving to become a more humble, loving, and compassionate person, I know that I can better serve those who struggle with their own addictions.

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